Gold Mine(rs)!

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  1. And silver... Anybody been playing the gold and silver miners lately? I've been buying the dip on GDXJ, GDX, AG, PAAS, etc. Buying ATM next month calls after a drop has been working for me. :cool:

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  2. That chart looks ready to reverse real quick
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  3. deaddog


    Added to Kirkland Lake. Expect it to resume uptrend once investors digest the Detour Gold acquisition.
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  4. Yeah, and probably real soon now that I'm in it! :p

    These trades are systematic and have great back and out of sample tests, but as always "future results don't necessarily..." :)
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  5. traider


    GDX and GDXJ should be enough why do u need all the other instruments?
  6. True, they trade similar but I only trade the options. So I look for better strikes, IV, liquidity, etc.
  7. jnug just keep buying
  8. themickey


    Brilliant plan!
  9. you obviously are a fool. hopefully an elite trader like yourself understands what the jnug etf is and how it trades. here ill give you a chart.
    the morons on this site are ridiculous
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    You daytrade it and frequently?
    Tell, how do you trade it?
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