Gold margins requiremments?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by 4xxxx, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. 4xxxx


    Anyone care to share their margins requirements for Comex gold futures for non-clearing members? Trying to find an arcade in Chicago......appreciate any info at all.
  2. ess1096



    Non-Member Speculative Initial Margin Ratio 1.35

    Non-Member Speculative Initial $5,400

    Non-Member Speculative Maintenance $5,400

    Clearing Member/Member/Hedger Initial Margin Ratio 1.00

    Clearing Member/Member/Hedger Initial and Maintenance $4,000
  3. Are you gonna trade the 100-ounce or 33.2-ounce (kilogram) contract?
  4. the COMEX Gold large contract at Global Futures...daytrade margin is $1,800!!!!...COMEX gold has all the volume...not CBOT gold...and 1 point of COMEX gold is $100...I'd forget the mini gold, huge spread and no volume...these are my your reserch...COMEX Gold is the highest volume there in Gold!!