Gold, it's gold! on them new $100 notes

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  1. Gold bugs take notice, it gold on those new $100 notes:

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    Brought to you by Obama's new space mission to the precious metals rich asteriod Eros:

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    so there is 2 dollars worth of gold dust in a bill representing value of 100 dollars

    LOL what a scam :p
  3. That video has very high production values. I wonder how many $100 bills it took to create.
  4. If hyperinflation ever hits, at least you can melt your $100 bills down and buy something with the gold :)
  5. ipatent


    There will no doubt be a photo of a sumptuous steak meal on the wrapper of your soylent green as well.
  6. risky63


    first person to think about the same "future"
    saw that movie in the theater when it came out......many moons ago.

    the iridesent "100" is from a company my father ran.
    you can find this product in many forms all over the place.
    the sybol of the company that bought out the original company is EC.