Gold is predicting big problems ahead!

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  1. Don't think you made money trading US stocks. Measured in real money -GOLD- you didn't make much trading the QQQQ since October 2002 and you are even losing since May 2005! It's the same story for the Dow.
    We have very big divergences between the major stock indices and gold which normally is a precursor of BIG, BIG TROUBLE ahead.
    Be warned!
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    Hmm. I thought gold is a lagging indicator of too many people afraid of change.
  3. I don't measure my returns in gold, do you? LOL!

    How much money did you make in gold since 1980?

  4. There be a few of us holding gold we bought at $280. This thread means it's time to unload.
  5. LOL gold merely doubled since 2002, how many stocks have gone up two, three hundred percent since then ?

    Not many bought gold back in 2002 anyway. At some point gold will drop so fast you won't believe it , it could be very soon . Stop making a fool of yourself
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    Could not agree more. I was still at school when gold went to $880 but boy did it drop like a stone after that.

    In 1987 I thought DOW will crash, gold will run.

    Hmmmm DOW cracked; gold up to $500. next day all the way back to $400.

    I saw my pretty little asrse, but for one day when I thought gee I am going to be rich.

    Gold is crock for suckers.
  7. what an asinine post! So you think it will be exactly as it was in 1987? or 2002 or some other cracks in the market? What you do not notice that your fiat dollar is worth less and less and soon it will be cheap enough to use as charmin had it been made of softer paper. This is the reason R/E and gold are up and while they may correct the dollar's slide is i am afraid is permanent and only the beginning. Gold is not all the bad news for the market just yet it is bad news for America and bond and dollar savers. rates are up and inflation is i am afraid very real. yeah take that core CPI and shove it in greenspan's arse of course no one needs food and energy!
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    When the dollar is worth nothing I promise you Gold won't help you either stock up on Coffee and chocolate for Barter.
  9. Come now. if the dollar is worth half what it is now. I can see gold at a steady $1000+ and silver in the $20's per ounce!
    Don't be so naive that it can't happen, south america is like that and we are heading that way.
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    Pick any nation that has gone through a currency crisis and have a look at the price of gold in terms of that currency and you will have a much more realistic perspective on the matter than you have now. I can remember quite clearly how elated some Indonesians were that I came across in 1997 at having stockpiled gold prior to the currency crisis that their country and much of East Asia was experiencing at the time.
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