"Gold Is On The Cusp" Of An "Explosion Higher" As Tech "Crash Is Coming"

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  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-10/gold-cusp-explosion-higher-tech-crash-coming


    Lots of people touting gold as the portfolio savior when the next big crash comes....just as they did last time.

    Well... gold didn't save anyone's bacon in the last crashola... lost ~33% in the '07-09' decline.... while gold miners lost ~80% in the same time frame.

    As the story goes... "When selling if you can't sell what you want, you sell what you can". Likely that spills over to gold at some point.

    Will "things be different this time"? Will gold be the savior? Suggest taking that notion with a grain of salt.

    Harry Dent is calling for gold to decline to ~$700... perhaps even $400! Maybe he's a wacko on this. But if he's right, all of the gold devotees will be smashed.
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  2. Someone needs to tell William Devane.

  3. ... to stick it .... back in the ground!