Gold is on a bear tear!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Overnight, Mar 7, 2017.

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  3. themickey


    After hours USA time gold is doing dummy ralies, more downside ahead yet I believe.
    Edit: Saying that, looks like copper just now is breaking out upward.
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    Gold still within the current intermediate bear trend. The low could be in, though.
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  5. themickey


    Gold price looking very hairy and dangerous atm.
    My analysis is it is shaking out weak hands.
    Will remain in all my long positions.
    Likewise copper, quite some shaking going on, remaining long.
    Will re-evaluate day by day.
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    Potential long setup if gold bounces off the rising weekly trendline.
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  7. themickey


    I've turned bearish and sold out all positions.
    The price looks tired and so am I, gonna give gold a rest for a while, hard work trading this stuff.
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  8. Yeah, I gave up trading gold a couple months ago.

    Probably means it's gonna start moving nicely again lol :D
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  9. themickey


    Yes that's normally what happens when you throw in the towel.
    The Australian gold index has done well recently which feels like an exception but will not push my luck any further.
    Copper futures hammered hard overnight but I'm in only 2 positions on copper and will continue to hold those.
    Yesterday I had a big sell out all up and sold out of 17 positions, still holding 6 positions atm.
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  10. themickey


    Looks like a bottom has been hit but the signal not quite strong enough, will await further confirmation before committing.
    #30     Dec 13, 2017