Gold is on a bear tear!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Overnight, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Overnight


    It's dropped 500 tics since last Monday? Yowzers! That $5K of a drop per contract, in 5-6 trading days!

  2. A drop in the bucket compared to what it did post-election.
  3. I wonder if the money is leaving gold because of the potential rise in interest rates, or because it is moving into bitcoin; which has taken off this week
  4. xandman


    I would say that today was a good come back.
  5. dealmaker


  6. As of now, gold up 1.8% just for today.
    However I have this niggly feeling the spike up today is not going to continue, it's a dummy move.
    My guess is gold futures will continue to run up after hours and then to only get dumped again tomorrow.
    Anyhow, just a suspicion, I'm going to sit out this move in the meantime.
    If wrong there's plenty of opportunity to get in still in a day or two or three.
  7. dealmaker


  8. Gold still looking a bit iffy.
    Not 100% convinced we have bottomed this PB, but not looking too bearish.
    For those looking to enter now, I would remain very cautious, my sugestion is stay sidelined atm.
  9. yabz


    I am closing my long position. Gold is not looking good. I entered @ 1262 so I'm making a small loss:( I'm not going short yet though. Will wait to see which way the wind blows....
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