Gold is going to shoot up.

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by jokepie, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. jokepie


    Its time to get back in Gold.
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  2. Texas



    anyone calculated latest US debt
  3. =============
    Nice long term uptrend-GLD, gold;
    nice medium term uptrend.

    But for short term profitable long entry;
    i suggested a short term GLD trader think about getting out yesterday or today.:D Not a prediction;not INVESTMENT ADVICE.

    Gold & silver have nice very long uptrends/value;
    more than 4,000 year uptrend . Also slightly bearish in short term;
    all the gold silver dealers want US dollars, in exchange for gold or silver.

    :D Not a prediction.Nor is someone nicknamed ''turtle'' the best qualified to make short term trend comments:D
  4. jokepie


    I am all for scalling in on weaknesses..its time... hehe
  5. ================
    I told a gentleman in a pawn shop one time ;
    had a phone i got from Time Life Inc, it said ''Time'' on it. As i left that business ,[ plenty of gold & silver jewelry]he said''Take your time, take your time.................:D :cool:

    Also funny but true;
    daily GLD ,parabolic time price just gave a buy signal close today. But frankly i ignore that indicator more than i use it.Great indicator, but like Don Bright Trading Co said, dont put much faith in indicators.:cool:
  6. jokepie


    I hear you. Not a prediction - they are all worth 5 bucks at a Palm readers desk.

    I like the price action and that all I care ...if we can make and hold new highs it will be raining. SO just pacing it in now.
  7. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    both gold and silver will have a 2nd leg down.

  8. jokepie


    Do you wanna sell me some wheat today..? :D
  9. ===========
    Never seen any upternd without a correction:D Or Downtrend,

    Interesting news;
    may help the long term uptrend, may not. Argentina inflation rate 25%, gov threating data providers.[Seeking alpha]
  10. mikeenday

    mikeenday Guest

    haven't checked any quotes today,
    what's the ZW price now? 650?

    #10     Jun 20, 2011