Gold is finished

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  1. Thank you, god bless, goodnight.
  2. What's this about exactly?
  3. pt199


    Lets see if I got this right! "Gold is finished @1651.60 Hum!
  4. give or take a few bucks. you cant expect me to nail the top tick do you?? :D
  5. the1


    Funny, I got a terrific long on today that netted some solid coin. Gold ain't finished. This definitely ain't the top.

  6. sure, if you're trading 5, 10 minute chart, great have it at. Just saying, be ready for a swing down. Should retrace todays entire move tomorrow. thats right, i said it. :cool: :p
  7. I think gold got the memo about the dent ceiling being raised, wouldn't ya say?
  8. If I had a silver dollar for every thread on here calling the top of gold or silver....
  9. the1


    That's what I'm trading, the 5-min chart. Will it retrace today's move tomorrow? Who knows but as long as the US keeps borrowing and printing Gold ain't coming down with any conviction. A correction maybe but even that will be mild. The nice thing about the GC is you don't even have to take a large position on it to make good coin. I made $6,300 on a tiny 5-car position. It's a great instrument to trade!

  10. ok, my ET reputation is on the line and everybody knows how important that is...:eek:
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