Gold is a safe haven

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  1. not.
  2. At the moment there are no safe havens except cash money. Give it a couple of months and the shine will return to dazzle all the bottom sellers today.
  3. All we need is someone on ET to start another "Gold is finished" thread or "The gold bubble just popped" thread and within seconds gold & silver will turn around and go back up.
  4. The futures markets aren't real. It's the silver eagle market that's the real commodity market.
  5. Yeah, we all know how "heard on the street works". The dollar rally is the story currently. A good pullback will be welcome to re-load.
  6. Why do you say that? There's 259,86,240 troy oz of silver issued in the form of silver eagle since 1986 (the first year). There's over 561MM troy oz worth of open interest in the 1st silver contract on cmx alone...

    Why would you say futures contracts are not real while silver eagles are. There's no arb between silver futures and silver spot.

  8. yeah you can insert those eagles wtsds for safe keeping
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