"Gold in them hills!"..

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  1. There is a modern day Gold Rush thats been happening as computers have become more sophisticated in the trading arena. All the price data that is generated from a few exchanges globally, and the individual issues traded.

    Man cant compete with machine logic implementation and pattern recognition of machines that occurs in milliseconds. If you look at all the price data, there is literally 'gold in them hills'. Lots of inefficiencies that can be exploited. The 'edge' can be temporal or it can be everlasting.
  2. Deep blue could calculate 200 million moves per second. Kasparov still beat that computer.
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    Deep Blue the beat Kasparov in the rematch. And computers have gotten a lot more powerful since the 90s.
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    The best computers are still only as good as the programme. Far from intelligent.
  5. So what. The best people are only as good as the quality of their education, up bringing, and "hardware". Like or not, we are all programmed.
  6. whats the inefficiency in a graphical circle?
  7. It isn't "continuous".
  8. x 2 + y 2 = r 2

    (x-h) 2 + (y-k) 2 = r 2

    Knowing r,h,k, .... x and y can be plotted in advance. The 2 dimensional structure can be simplified into a formula, that is repetitive and predictable.
  9. Deep Blue was a supercomputer. Equal to about a home computer you would get around 2007 or 2008. Kasparov also accused IBM of cheating in 1997(when he lost) and wanted to see transcripts of the program, but IBM refused and then dismantled Deep blue.

    Also, no computer can beat the best Go players yet. I believe there is still a million dollar prize available to any programmer than can create a Go program that will beat the best human players.
  10. whats the inefficiency in a graphical line?
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