Gold here and now?

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  1. My reasons..
    Bush needs a distraction from port deal, popularity polls and his own party turning against him, so he needs a distraction.
    Iran is the target....perfect distraction at home. it was used before and will be used again by unsavory politicos.
    You've heard it here first :D
  2. Sounds good.
    This area closely resembles the correctional pattern of nov05, possibly suggesting an upside target of 600 plus.
    I see there talking up the bird flu scare as well, why the heck you should store food under your bed i dont know, whats wrong with the cupboard?

    Thats about as sensible as huddling under a desk, if you happen to see a nuclear strike before it hits you, but still.

    Worth a shot i think.
  3. Don't you know, its harder for looters to find when its hidden under bed lol
  4. the market is lower now ... so if you liked gold
    @ 48 you gotta love it @ 45

    seriously ... you better keep your eye on silver , on
    leasing rates , plus the mining sector and oil interest rates and sentiment plus the geopolitical

    then ... you are ready to play with the yellow metal ... good luck to you

  5. I was afraid someone was gonna say that, why they would want to bypass the shotgun and porn mags to get to tinned tuna and powdered milk i dont know-all recent information suggests, foodstuffs are the last thing anyone looks for.

    Setharb, how does silver play here?
    Im just a technician, are you referring to the massive divergence between silver Vs gold just recently, or- what?

    Or just everything in general, i have some respect for your points of veiw on this, just i cant figure out what you mean.
  6. ok ... so you say buy gold before the USA attacks IRAN ?

    I say ... there is more to the movement of gold
    than any one grand idea.

    by the way ... I forgot to mention that gold
    used to follow and still can on occasion follow
    euro , suisse ... even yen movements
  7. Ah, i see, maybe.
    One things for sure, i dont want to buy it AFTER us attacks iran, where would be the value in that?
    Yes, the hedging currency movements, also sounds good.
    Something kinda fishy overall, is all im sayin.........
  8. I liked the silver/gold spread play initially as the leader is silver in the rally. I do not wish to hold such a spread when Iran goes kaboom and silver rallies 1-percent while gold does a 5-percent rally. Still for the long haul it is a best play.
    They say oil gold ratio is historically a 15.7 per barrel so gold should be higher ? anyone in on this ratio?
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