GOLD has topped !

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by EmAy, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. EmAy


    GOLD is ready for a new bearmarket !

  2. Let's wait for gold to break below that nice triangle, shall we?
  3. EmAy


    This baby has finished !

  4. EmAy


    I m waitin for the pivot break (635).
    first target should be 600
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  6. EmAy


    I don t know whats going on in america about gold.

    But here in Germany, everybody thinks this baby will run till 2.000 !

    Joe Average is long in Gold, still !
  7. What do they say about crowds and trends? Right in the middle and wrong at both ends?

    (Ooh, that rhymed unintentionally)
  8. EmAy


    thats is the best time to get all those suckers who think they will make a fortune by buying gold, go to sleep and wake up as a millionaire.:)
  9. EmAy


    I ve just read an article about a "german goldguru" who said that fundamentally there is no downside risk in gold:D :D

    this baby is ready for a hudge drop !:)
  10. colion


    What duration of this bear do you expect? Days? Months? Years? Do you have a projected target? How high would gold have to rise in order to cancel your bear call?
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