Gold futures options GC

Discussion in 'Options' started by dream_maker, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. hi,
    does anyone trade gold futures options GC? i would like to learn more about this. thank you.

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  3. hi,
    thank you for your reply. i am trying to learn this gold futures options selling. some questions here.

    1) which brokers do you use? IB?

    2) gold prices GC is about 880 currently. can you give me an example of selling a june option and show me from the premium of that option, how much is the time value and intrinsic value?

    3) whats the difference between GC and YG and ZG? they are all gold right? which one offers no options?

    4) are commodities options generally have better premium than stocks or ETFs options?

    5) if i sell one gold GC option, how much margin would i require and how to calculate it?

    thats quite a number of questions here, hope you can help me with them. thank you.

  4. Careful, MORE premium does not mean BETTER premium. Premium is tied to implied volatility. Some commodities tend to be more volatile than equity indexes and thus their option premium is higher.
  5. hi makloda
    yes, thank you for your reply. i am aware of that fact as many people have mentioned that to me before.

    do you trade commodities by the way? and which one do you trade?