Gold Futures GC IV vs SV

Discussion in 'Options' started by RAF618, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. RAF618


    Hi guys and gals..I posted this in the futures forum but maybe it is better here..., does anybody have a chart they can share of current IV vs SV for GC options? Maybe going back 2 years and showing the IV vs HV plotted against each other? I would greatly appreciate it as I do not have access to my software...

    I am looking for the GC Futures options particularly, not GLD/GVZ.


    Thanks in advance and GTT ALL!
  2. RAF618

    RAF618 would be greatly appreciated...if you want me to paypal you 2 dollars or something..let me know and thanks
  3. wayneL


    The Big O might have it, they used to do it for nix. But may be subscription only now.

    $GVZ will still be a reasonable proxy otherwise the arb boys would have a go at it.