Gold futures for Friday

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by cgtrader, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. After looking at the NYMEX website it seems that they are completely closed for trading tomorrow.

    Can someone confirm for me that this means no Gold will be trading tomorrow Friday the 23rd?
  2. I guess GLD will be open... confused...
  3. Surdo


    Electronic eCBOT Gold is open right now.

    ZGZ06 $632.50 LS + $3.40
  4. GLD ( the gold ETF ) will be trading

    ( or should be trading )

    as far as futures go ... ECBOT has futures in gold ( and silver )

    and they are open for trading right now

    and will be until early friday afternoon

    ps ... comex is trading overnight

    and if the "pit" ( open outcry )

    is open friday in new york
    I believe they also will close early in the afternoon
  5. ok so yes CBOT is open tomorrow with an early close for metals on Open Auction and Electronic at 12:30 ET

    Nymex=Comex right?