Gold for the long term

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  1. Would it be stupid for the long-term investor to buy gold today seeing as the market has been on a tear over the last few months?

    One thing that I have always questioned about holding gold is that the majority of its use is for jewelery. I hold it because I don't have faith in fiat currency regimes. However, even though 33.33% of my networth is in gold - I think it makes sense to increase that percentage after the FED has shown no care for inflation and continues to pump money into the system.

    So my question is - do I wait for a better buying opp or allocate funds elseware.

    I'm interested in why other people hold gold for the longterm.
  2. If you're not bothered by increasing your "commitment" to gold at all-time-high prices instead of merely maintaining it, then keep on buying the stuff. Your sense of certainty regarding bullish prospects for gold should be cause for concern.
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    if your afraid of a top then dollar cost average during a year