Gold Elliot wave and the 1265 projection

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  1. On 06-03-10 04:26 PM I posted the following:

    I have been charting Gold with Elliot wave and found it to be really helpful. I think we are currently in wave 5. According to this theory, wave 5 should equal wave 1, which moved $100. If true my upside target for gold is 1265.00.

    Comments about Ew and it's merits, were met with a very frank and valid point points, the discussion pro's and con's were well thought out, with the belief that we as traders can use this forum to learn from each other.

    All the comments had merit and raised very good points. EW is subjective. Except for one poster all comentss were meant to reveal personal insight on this topic.

    I only posted that thread, because the wave projection on wave 3 was within 2 dollars, and I thought that it should provide gold traders with valuable information.

    I hope that some found this information of great use, and helped them in their trading
  2. You also said you were done with ET several weeks ago, and that you would be taking your attempt to build a following for your advisory for elsewhere, to other forums. I guess the others didn't accept your attempts to get free subscribers, either

    (Remember, the track record you PMed to me?) Short memory...
  3. I remember, you were just to lazy to review it ... you said it was yoo much work to go through mu video archives ... you would complain then have any kind of construxtive dialog ... too bad
  4. no, you were too lazy and mentally deficient to compile it. A track record is not a dump of your daily rantings. It is:

    7/21/09 2 contracts ESZ10 +3.5 points +$350
    7/22/09 1 contract ESZ10 -1.5 points -$75

    And perhaps (sorry to use big words), max sequence of losers, max sequence of winners, total profit, max DrawDown, and other trading metrics, etc. Like, a tradestation type reoprt? (that's a vendor/broker, BTW).

    This is what experienced traders know and expect. I know it is painful for trading newbies or vendor wannabes trying to scrape for free subscribers, but...

    I cannot imagine a single knowledgeable trader who would want to waste any time or decant the daily dumps of someone who needs free publicity to make money.

    now back to where you said you were done with EliteTrader. Is your word as meaningless as your veiled attempt to get free publicity?

    Should we republish your declaration that you were out of here, or does Alzheimers make it hard to remember?

    And the first time you try to sneak in redirecting people to your pay site, will request the owners to remove your ID, block your access to this site, and remove all of your posts.

    So good luck trying to build up a number of posts and spending a lot of efforts to pretend you are just someone interested in talking shop.

    Now, back to threads where traders are actually trying to discuss, debate and learn, not pretend not to be vendors grubbing for newbies...
  5. the link i sent you contained an excel spread sheet, and all the videos proving my point. I only came back due to the many pm I got asking me not to leave ... please stop the pettyness. you call me a novice, I got my commodity licence in 1984, and my cta in 1991. See you have nothing but slander ,,,, drop your pettness. If you are to lazy to look at the information I sent you ... because you fear it might back whAT I SAY SO BE IT ...

    i CHALLENGE YOU ANY DAY OF THE WEEK TO HAVE A TRADE CONTEST ,,,, OR DO YOU JUST LIKE TO RANT ,,, If you have wriiten books on finance (like me) or written articles for TASC futures, barons (like me) or lectured around the world like me ... than you would not have the attitude you have ... I welcome s dissicussion without belittling and welcome to hear your views not just yourcomplants ... are you man enough to do that id so ... let us chamge the tone
  6. CoreForex,

    I too thought you were leaving ET unfortunately you are back.

    Why don't you write another book and some more articles, obviously it is the best you can do.
  7. Back so soon?
  8. I think everyone is pretty aware of what a stupid thing that was to claim.

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    Now we get your resume. Could you BE any more desperate to drum up free subs for your service???

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    Next, back up EVERYTHING you claimed about the books, TASC and everything else. (Not that being publishes proves anything). We of course would not want you to be making false claims. After all, you now are in danger of having the CFTC/NFA/SEC called up in case you are inventing credentials.
  9. typical spammer. this one is just more absorbed with himself.