Gold down another 3% today...

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  1. ...another 3 % and officially in a "BEAR MARKET" - if I am not wrong 1900 was the high this year, or?

    I though bond vigilantes "adore" Gold as a depression hedge ? What happened ? :confused: :eek:
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    good call
  3. Down -4,5 %...Ouch.
  4. =================
    AS usa;
    Well many & DR Pat Robertson were aiming for a public target of $2,000 gold contracts area this year.

    But as an old or medium age target shooter can tell you;
    targets can be missed, with all due respect:D

    Sure gold, GLD 50 week moving average is bearish, 50 day moving average is bearish;
    but 1 year GLD candlechart, 3 year candlechart is uptrending by most measures

    Even if PIGS can fly[LUV airlines does fly PIGS, they charge more,, to fly PIGS,LOL.}
    Who knows, BAC ,Citigroup{C}downtrends may help the long term uptrend of gold,GLD.

    SLV, silver maybe in a long term uptrend, but 50dma is a downtrending @32 area., not a prediction.
    But the risk on long silver or SLV @ $27 area is not right for me.Simply a silver dealer said & i agree, sell silver @ 32 area.

    AS the silver dealer says, Merry Christmas

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    If SI can get down to low $26 level or lower I will put it back on my radar scope - SI trading was half of my gains for the year and I want to stay active into 2012 with this pullback. I chart GC but I never trade it - great moves though.

    I thought we would get more pullback so big players can get back heavy long into first qtr of 2012 - before EU problems may accelerate and spread.
  6. is planning on posting recipes to help you consume your gold.

    Remember, if it was a sure thing , you couldn't buy it.
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    What happened? Cramer started recommending gold as a part of his viewers portfolios.
  8. S-low;
    Peak to valley[2011] gold, GLD is a bear trend, for sure;
    but open to close [2011 ] is nice uptrend.

    2012=uptrend or sideways trend.Compared to Citigroup & silver, SLV;
    gold ,GLD a real fine uptrend.

    Meridith Whitney the bank analyst who rightly sell/slammed Citigroup;
    now warns of city/state[muni...] danger........

    Gold,GLD compared to JPM; well you be the judge :D
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    IMO, this is a great buying opportunity. Helicopter Ben should act true to form if employment/S&P languish much further.
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