gold down a lot today - why?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jbride12, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. jbride12


    most gold contracts down over 3% today ... margin calls again or what?
  2. rc5781


    all the commodities down, stock market seems to like it :)
  3. Getting a huge bounce in the dollar.
  4. Tom631


    Stop SPAMMING us !!! Every post you make you include your link..

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  5. jbride12


    I post links to cite my sources. I hate reading message boards where people don't cite. They write BANK OF AMERICA WRITES DOWN $10 BILLION IN LOAN LOSSES TODAY!!! and then don't post a link to the article or source. These baseless claims drive me nuts because i spend half the afternoon searching for the source to determine if i need to close my bank of america accounts. Half the time it's some high school student prankster who has nothing better to do in study hall ...

    but if you would rather i didn't post links, fine ... just say so and i'll stop for good. and not to knock this board or anything, but this isn't the largest of forums to promote a website. i know people who run websites and they say you need over 100k viewers to make any serious money. are there even that many people on elite trader?

    please think before you post things like this Tom