Gold down 13,8% in 4 sessions...

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  1. ...must be all Zerohedge readers liquidating their positions, or? :cool:
  2. more supply vs demand.

    there is too much of everything in the world. oil, gold, silver, real estate, information, men, women, money, you name it.

    the only scarce thing: common sense.
  3. As far as Gold and Silver- The pupper masters (paper pushers)can take the price where they want.
    Physical delivery is the only Democles sword hanging on them.but they are tacking with all kind of scams possible.
    Only un leveraged funds,sovereigns with deep who can take delivery(not for leasing) and not to bother if the price drops say 500$ in gold in 4 weeks or 30% drop in silver in 3 weeks.
    Crude- sure we are running out.Constant daily demand is slowly inching up .But the mullahs and dictatorships can not stop pumping oil as they have to please their populationand oil revenue is the only source of revenue.
    real estate-over supply in west.In Asia/latin america ,there is no more land to build as population outstripping resources.

    Like in feb-march 2009,Banksters(gangsters) just took down the market including materials,energy by 30-40& in 2 weeks time (steam coal- there is a short supply in asia.metallic -ok depends on steel production which demand is slow now)
    Just a messge "Print it like" Ben & their Gang-who is showing -who is the Boss!They want all their losses (couple of trillions to be shoved on tax payer openly/secretly )
    They can make us beg them (if neccessary) to bring in QE10 to save us.( our assets like estate/201 k etc already lost 50%)
    They will not stop Govt employee largeese (like california fireman retiring at 50 and getting 80k till dealth)and private Core banker elite looting.( poor GS employee below poverty line @ $600k/year )
    we have to suffer.
    Govt pays salary to all the people with guns to keep us in line.!!
  4. I just bought a 10 oz of PHYSICAL gold for sub US $1,600 an ounce.

    Physical gold, not etfs.

    Only idiots buy paper gold:D
  5. Gold's tanking because equities losers need to raise cash + margin hikes cause stop cascades.
  6. easy come, easy go

  7. I only buy paper gold cause carrying out 200 lbs of it would hurt my back
  8. AK100


    It shouldn't really be front page news because that's what Gold does.

    Many of the longs had become bored waiting for this day, but of course most of the smart ones didn't sell out. For when you try to be clever and morph from an investor into a trader you normally create far more problems.

    Tthe main one being - if you sell out expecting a big decline but instead the market rallies sharply, just where and how do you get back in? Most wouldn't be able to get back in so they try to protect $100-$300 of gains but end up losing $500+ of further profit.

    I learned this from old man Partridge in Livermore's book. Read the passage, it's about 1/3rd way in. I love the way the writer sows a seed of doubt at the beginning because partridge is rumoured not to make his broker that much on commissions, ie gives the illusion that's he's small time. But at the end it's obvious why he doesn't earn his broker much.

    Gold - be one of the other, trader or investor, don't ever try to be both, unless you're really good with a 10+ year track record of successful market operations.
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