Gold diggers?

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    his first sentence does have a subject. it is quite obvious that he is referring to Gold Diggers.
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  3. Your NAV doesn't have to be in 8 figure range or above to get their attention, you only have to be notably better off than the women. While we guys are busy winning pissing contests, many women are observing pecking orders of social groups, reading magazines, books, forums, attending seminars, even doing meditations ! to improve their skills at trapping the next rich (soon much poorer) bachelors if not family guys. They are case studying Evita, Wendy Murdoch (I strongly suspect she studied the former many times), even interning for divorce lawyers, befriending clueless tech guys/unattractive females working in hedge funds as their ladders.

    The really good ones study their marks like professional con artists. They pay (with money or else) PIs, lawyers, accountants to track invisible millionaires(where there's much less competition), many of them successful business owners, traders/investors/quants (especially). There are still many not so tainted ones out there, but with the condition as it is, more women are marrying for money.

    A lot of analytical minds tend to be loners and don't have much experience in the social intelligence department. Just the garden variety of gold diggers could do them in (at the very worst moment). Their special forces are for the billionaires.:p

    What pisses me off is even my best female friends (went to kindergarten/grammer school together, both married with kids) reluctant to give me pointers, as if there's some kind of sorority blood oath to help the fellow social climbers...

    People change. When you find a woman worth keeping, not ever taking her to North America would be an excellent idea.

    I suppose women inevitably size you up for your ability to provide, the tricky part is, to what degree and if it's the only motivation. It's especially tricky if she's born into lower income brackets. My problem is women would eventually find out what I do, given my life style (7 pieces of furniture including my bed in a 4 bedroom apartment, travel around the world with only one piece of carry on luggage), if I just lie with a very low ball number, they become anxious, if I show them the whole picture, at that point I still wouldn't know what kind of women they are and would be wondering from that point on. My current strategy is to be as vague as possible, and if she's pissed off because of it, she's probably not worth keeping around.

    I personally wouldn't want to sleep with a gold digger, trick or no trick, their energy would rub off on you.

    I was looking for a screening mechanism... guess there's no better ideas?

    If we can share enough extreme cases and study them, the very best scenarios and the very worst, and look for patterns, there should be some results.
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    Gold diggers are not super smart analytical women. They are mostly lazy stupid women looking for a meal ticket using the only thing they have, their pussy. There is a reason why they are called trophy wives, whether they have value other than their looks, a beautiful wife is still envyed by other men. The men marry for looks and the women marry for money and they are both aware of what they offer. Gold diggers are basically prostitutes and any woman with any intelligence would never consider dating or marrying someone for money

    Your shortcomings with women have nothing to do with your lack material wealth. You are obviously the type of person who thinks that he is a lot smarter than he actually is . you are Fool
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  5. In the end we all pay for it regardless of the relationship style
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  6. I'm not sure if you had ever been in a serious long term relationship before but your strategy about staying vague is an area of great concern. I believe you have it reversed and if she's truly worth keeping she would want to know everything about you including what you do. I hope you don't take it the wrong way as text seem to convey things without tone but hiding things will not make it any easier and may make her question who you really are and without real trust you will never have a real relationship. I have the same issue as you but I'm extremely private so staying vague is naturally my style. If the worst comes and she isn't the one just remember that she has just as much to lose as you do and what you lose can always be remade, but she cannot get back the time she wasted.
    I'm wishing you Good Luck in finding your special someone!
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    Dude, 8 figure range is right about poverty level these days :)

    PS. When someone asks me what I do for a living I say "I produce pornography for the Republican Party". After that nobody sticks around and I can go about my business freely.
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    Comedy is best left to professionals.
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    Pump and dump isn't illegal in the flesh market
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    Given Alabama, you might want to report to the police whoever does continue to talk with you.
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