Gold Cyces

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  1. [​IMG]When you trade Gold, even for just a short time. You will see that there are powerful repetitive patterns moving Gold Prices.See if you can find an 8-day, 13-day, 21-day, 40-day, or eight-week stochastic cycle to trade in Gold.

    Anyone who trades Gold for any length of time (even if you keep that length of time secret), will become aware of these cycles. [​IMG]When a Trader seeks to extend a trade it is natural to lighten up at the cycle crests and load up in troughs. You have it asss backwards if you let some arbitrary contract expiration determine when you take Gold profits.So, to make it clear. [​IMG] You will have larger profits when you
    sell at crests and buy troughs than if you liquidate just because a contract happens to be expiring.
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  3. Long Gold? I thought he was shorting it!