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  1. I would like to buy some gold coins . What is the best way to do this?This might have been discussed somewhere but could not find the information. Do I always have to pay some premium above the spot price? How to find reliable suppliers?

    Thanks for the information.
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    use google man

    use google you half goat :)
  3.,, or

    Some people use but I never have so can't give an opinion on them.
  4. tulving - good prices/higher minimum/good service

    apmex/fair prices/good service/save$ and use check or money order not c.c.

    bulliondirect/very good deals if you look

    Ebay - No

    Wait for spot to pull back/don't buy this portion of the swing.
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    wrong advice.
    he came to ET seeking info.
    why don't you explain how to use ET to find info. without starting a new thread
  6. I also want to mention that Apmex has a great selection and often has specials where you can get very good deals due to a low premium over spot

    I dunno why so many of you are hating on Ebay. I got my best deals from Ebay. It is probably the biggest marketplace for bullion & coins right now. You're taking a few supposed bad deals and making it into a big bonanza, but the fact is that it is a very small % of the total deals done on Ebay.
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    Thanks for helpful replies.Much appreciated

    half goat !!!!!!!!!!!!