Gold Bugs and Doomsday Scenarios.

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  1. Are these people smart or just clinically depressed. For example, Dow Rallies, watch out its all for nothing. Dow sells off, "see i told you to watch out" Dow recovers. :( . Silence.
  2. You're kidding, right? You must be.

  3. Its like every selloff is a vindication of their intelligence. The reality is they are just too afraid to ever buy a stock, unless its gold or has a P/E of 8 or less.
  4. please move this to chit chat... thats where it is destined to end up.
  5. Well, i think it is worthwhile to discuss because it is an Economic Issue. For example, many think the dollar is worthless, yet use it to buy food, clothing and pay utility bills.

    Money has a use in modern society unless you want to go back to Feudal times and exchange the production of our labor, for ex, clothing, shoes, clothes, etc.
  6. The world is an uncertain place with mired with 2 World Wars and a World Depression in the 20th Century.
    Only Americans are naive and complacent enough with watching American Idol to rag on gold investors while losing their collective arse daytrading and "investing"
  7. What do you mean? do you believe we are going to the Stone Age again too?
  8. Mr. hairdresser,
    Maybe this will help you in getting a better perspective:
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    there are crazies everywhere. once every 25 years gold rallies and they say that proves they were right for 25 years. truthfully, i think goldbugs always lose money and at best break even.
  10. Agreed. Some guy that studys and trades is too wedded to the Doomsday.

    As a friend of mine once pointed out, "if all hell brakes loose, id rather have an AK-47, a truckload of tuna and a lot of water".
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