GOLD anyone?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Gwhiz, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Gwhiz


    What I see right now is a tremendous buying oppurtunity for gold.
    I believe that the next leg up of the decade long bullmarket started a few days ago.
    Got into FRG at 5.44
    NXG at 2.84
    looking really good.
    Interesting article on the subject
    Long the Uranium because Uranium may be highlighted in this next leg up as well.
  2. cvds16


    this is some kind of joke, I hope ...:confused: :eek:
  3. Gwhiz


    Nice call cvds16

    FRG: in at 5.44, 9.32 now

    NXG: 2.84, 3.03 now

    Gold broke out ... currently on the next up leg.

    you are some kind of joke.
  4. cvds16


    we'll talk at the end of the decade self-proclaimed wizard with the supposed globe
  5. Some people are always late to the party.

    Zig when ya could've zagged.

  6. In times of war (current war on terror) gold tends to go up for ATLEAST a full decade, usually quite a bit more. I bought back into the ETF when gold was at 573... I plan to check my position again in 2009 and re-evaluate from there.
  7. You're holding GLD?


  8. I don't believe that the war was a major moving factor in thee gold prices. I believe that the demand from India and China contributed toward the jump in oil prices. India loves their gold, it is part of their culture. earring, jewelry for both women and men are essential in the Hinduism. For China on the other hand, growing population of middle class contributed not only to increase of demand in gold but diamonds alike.

    But there is a major concern for increased prices.
    GOLD cannot be destroyed, as easy as oil or gas can be.
    SO supply will meet the demand eventually, resulting in drop of prices. Although, there is possibility that we will go back on the gold coins will happen.

    So, in conclusion, supply will demand eventually and prices will go down. Until Emerging markets are on the roll to become more powerful in there economies, such action will not happen. So, in my thesis until world hits new recession there is no way gold prices will go down. Until then Cheers.

    Happy Turkey Day
  10. Yes I'm holding GLD... from 57.02
    #10     Nov 23, 2006