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  6. hi ZZZzzzzzzz

    sorry to interrupt your posts ...

    what happened to your "GG" trade from 2 weeks ago ?

    hope you do well this week

  7. I took profits last week on all my gold and silver trading positions, near their highs...luckily.

    I plan to buy them all back on the correction.

    Right now, gold and silver are down overseas, with spot gold down 3.40 at 359 area, and silver down .06 at 7.21.

    I plan to buy in on the way down, probably pyramiding positions in the stocks I posted. These are the stocks I am tradiing, along with PAL and CDE.

    We needed a correction.

    Idealy, gold would pull back to the 450 area or so and hold, then move back up. Same with silver.

    I remain bullish on gold and silver, but as a trader look to take profits on sharp runs.

    p.s. I maintain a longer term holding in the retirement account that I don't trade in and out of....a gold mutual fund.

    The fund is TGLDX.

  8. wait a second ... you sure had me fooled ...

    thought you were short GG 2 weeks ago

    but I guess you were long and showing us

    "rookies" on ET how one manages a position

    using T.A.

  9. When did I ever say I was short?

    In the chat room I discuss my gold and silver stock trades....the log is available.

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