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    I have yet to trade my first futures contract and am thinking about
    buying or selling the gold mini and silver contracts. Does anyone
    have any experience in the mini market?

    I wonder how liquid the mini market is.

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    Gold is much better than silver, as there are lots of people doing arb. You can get free quotes at showing bid & ask, so you can decide for yourself if the spread is tight enough. Right now, the spread is 358.50 X358.80 in dec gold minis, about typical, a hair wider than comex full size.
  3. Liquidity is pretty good on the Gold mini, don't know about Silver. I watch Gold everyday and almost went long today but it just didn't look that good and collapsed 2 dollars shortly after I canceled my LMT order. That said the orders stayed there for a while as I kept moving it, trying to get an execution between the spread. But to no avail. Be careful with Gold it's kinda unpredictable IMO.

    I have been trying to get info about the limits up/down in Gold and any data from the Government or industry that may affect that market. Can anyone help?
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    During RTH, there's a 30 up market about 60-80 cents wide, and also smaller orders to tighten it up. Right now it's 20 cents wide 13x1.
  5. trade a little 3-5-10 contracts a side daily in the YG

    mini gold .... a week ago I did 30 - 40 side , but that

    was way too much for me ... even with IB's rock bottom

    commissions of $1.50 a side all included.

    the 30 X 30 stuff is the liquidity quote provided by the

    lead M.M. under contract to the CBOT I believe

    the smaller stuff 9X9 , 6X6, 3X3 1X1 is smaller , and smaller

    spec 's like me

  6. you can see where the cash market is at kitco

    you have to add the EFP ( spread between spot and August

    for example ) to their middle to get an idea where futures

    should be trading at

    also ... the USD movements

    and equity movements of the sector

    xau . hui , gox

    and knowing where overnight range was
    (on access system for clearing members and locals)
    can help too
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    Thanks to all who replied.
  8. Can the volume info be right ? It says mini gold traded 379 contracts today (yes that's hundreds)
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    See above link. You refer to that as pretty good liquidity?

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