Going To The Dark Side: Time To Short Options Premium?

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    Don't Forget Your Shorts

    Posted on 7/10/2008 in Trading & Technology
    by Stan Freifeld

    Don't Forget Your Shorts
    I've recently written about the popular strategies known as straddles and strangles. For the most part, they were only discussed from the long side (in other words, buying the straddle or buying the strangle). Obviously, there is another side to this story, and that is the short side, selling the straddle or strangle.

    There were two main reasons why I emphasized the long side. The first has to do with the fact that brokerage companies don't let everyone trade naked short options. Each company has their own set of rules and requirements regarding which customers they allow to trade short options...

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  2. Short premium now! Hell no!!

    Just look at the VIX. It's rallying like crazy these days. With the wild swings in the market, who wants to be short options?

    Not me.

    Hell no!!