Going to switch to IB...........

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  1. For a newbie on IB the most important thing is not to get buying and selling mixed up. Sounds impossible but if you are not used to clicking on the bid to sell or offer to buy, it's easy to get them reversed.
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  2. Thanks for all the help so far.

    Sounds like there may be some debate between
    best ecn, best, and Super soes?

    Do most of you guys use market orders? Will IB hang ya out to dry on market orders (execute way away from the inside quote)

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  3. o10

    there isnt really much debate anymore about IB routing.. SuperSoes is basically an ecn for market makers so BEST routing really is the best way to go now..

    IB is direct access, and will attempt to route your order to the participant advertising the best price..

    the main thing is getting used to the software, and then you will be all set =).. good luck

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  4. cas


    I have been playing with the demo for a few days....the one thing that bugs me is that when I type a new symbol into the line, it pulls up a menu asking if it is a stock, then I have to specify the order route.....not very fast when changing symbols frequently....is there a way around this??? I haven't found one...very slow compared to other order entry systems...IMO.

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  5. cas..

    it was slow for me at first too.. now i know to type the symbol tap the space bar hit the tab key and press enter.. its automatic so it only takes a couple seconds.. but at first it was annoying..

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  6. cas



    Maybe it is just with the demo...but I type a symbol...it pulls up a drop down menu...I have to click it with the mouse...then the Route box pops up..I hit enter. If a fast moving trade comes up, I'd be very slow...I must be missing something?? Nothing happens when I try to type the symbol hit the space bar and tab and then enter...that drop down menu does not respond to anything.....hmmmm.....

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