Going to switch to IB...........

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  1. Does anyone have any pointers for me to reduce my learning?

    What is the most reliable/quickest routing method for nasdaq stocks?

    And anything else you may think I would benefit from.

  2. jsmith


    The interface is quite easy to use.
    Make sure you utilize the hot keys.

    Also, make sure you WIRE your money to them.
    They hold checks for 15 Days and you can't trade
    during that time.
  3. For routing, I always use BEST. It usually gives you about as good a fill as you can get.
  4. Is that best or best_ecn?

    Also, I heard IB was charging monthly fees for data, is this true?

  5. best_ecn (oops)
  6. just train with the demo as much as you can. You can figure out how to configure it (keyboard setup, colors, columns etc). The demo has no limitations.
  7. mskl


    One limitation with the demo is that you can't watch the quotes of the differnet ECN's - you can only view and enter orders via BEST market

    This would be helpful when testing certain trading strategies.
  8. They also take bank/cashier's checks. I've found that about 3 days after I put a bank check in the mailbox (I'm in northern NJ, they're in CT), it's credited to my account.
  9. And never use the power of the instant fill from SUPERSOES? Sounds crazy to me. I estimate that 1/3 of my fills come via SS. Then again I do not trade with IB so I do not know how efficient or inefficient it is to fire off lightning speed orders/fills.
  10. ddefina


    Just "Best" works fine for me. It usually gets split between SOES and island or another ECN. I think you would lose a couple cents if you just used Best_ECN. But haven't tried so wouldn't know for sure? I remember a couple years ago with Cyber when you chose Best you would get stuck on SNET or routes you couldn't cancel right away, but with IB's Best route this hasn't been a problem.
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