Going to start trading, need some advice

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by samcapo, May 10, 2008.

  1. samcapo


    I'm going to be using about 15k to start trading the S&P minis and some commodity (probably corn). I'm looking for some advice on what charting service and broker to use. I'm only going to be trading 1 to 2 contracts at a time and I'm looking for a little input on what is a good service to use.

  2. what is your trading style?

    are you a swing trader, day trader, long term, short term?

    what is your budget?

    what part of the world are your from?

    we need more information to answer your question, or else all you are going to get is brokers spamming their business in your thread.
  3. Proactivefutures.com

    I use the NinjaTrader platform.
  4. http://www.openecry.com/

    OpenECry has a very nice platform that is free to active traders and includes free data as well. Hard to beat that.

    Good luck!
  5. eSignal is horrible... at least with stocks, numerous times I've compared their data with the data from trading platforms (lightspeed, anvil, laser) and there is a noticeable lag on the time and sales with esignal.
  6. GoFutures.com. Good customer service.
  7. IB is fine and Think or Swim Prophet will do the trick....but how quick do u need info?
  8. Use globalfutures.com. Best customer service; backed by one of the strongest FCM's, RCG, in the business. Use the J-Trader, which is incredibly fast and accurate, for free. make sure that when you open your account, you tell your broker what contracts you want to trade; automatic access to all contracts doesn't exist here--jsut let them know. Fees and commissions are some of the lowest in the business.