Going to see his sick Granny my ass, the Kenyan Obama is going to destroy evidence

Discussion in 'Politics' started by William Rennick, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. Rennick... i'm ganna stamp my lil webbed feet all over your head when Obama wins the election!
  2. You are such a degenerate.

  3. Savage stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last week... so what other vomit would you expect from this radical?!
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    I'd been saying this for a while, the birth certificate was a fake; it was too new for a 46 yrs old piece of paper, it has no stamp, the text looks like it was printed from a computer software not from a typewriter where ink smears can often be seen. Obama is a fake just like his fake voters around the nation, such outrage.

    Fake voters.
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  5. Is not his real last name Weiner? Michael Savage sure sounds "intimidating".

    Here is a chart of political intelligence vs where one gets the news/analysis from

    Low to high

    700 club>Michael Savage>Mark Levin>Sean Hannity>Rush Limbaugh>Fox News>A monumental gap>ABC\CBS\NBC>CNN\PBS\BBC\Reuters\AFP\etc.
  6. This is a keeper.
  7. I'm intrigued at how clearly the birth certificate photos showing a stamp become "has no stamp" in your mind.

    I'm also intrigued at how you think typewriters with carbon ribbons worked. I'm assuming in your mind society went from Papyrus to Underwoods to Color Lasers.

    And by the way, since we're on the topic, where's McCain's Panama birth certificate?
  8. sg20


    McCain has no problem providing his birth certificate...Back in the very old days, 1961 to be exact, a birth certificate was first printed by a printer (type setting), text were then added later to fill in the informations and font types are often different from a type setter to a typewriter (very rare that they are similar). Papers back then are very course and rough unlike today.

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    Exactly. And where is Trig Palin's birth certificate? Seriously if the kid is Sarah's, why all the rush to get back to a hospital where she could control everything and there's still no birth on record? This third-world bullshit is hardly what anybody would expect in any part of 21st century USA, but in Alaska apparently, it's no big deal. Is this what Sarah wants to bring to the Lower 49? :mad:
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