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    Hello all,

    I will be in San Francisco June 14-17 as part of a 2 week vacation with my girlfriend. Can anyone recommend a good area to get a hotel that is close to things to do but at a decent price. Any other tips that I won't find in the "let's go" guide would also be appreciated.

  2. Use priceline...ask for a 5 star hotel...you can pick your neighborhood. Not sure what the area is called but where the Cathederal, Fairmont, and Mark Hopkins Interncontinental is on California Street, is a really nice area. I used Priceline and got a very nice room at the Regency on the Upper East Side in manhattan for ~$150 a night.

    Pacific Heights is also nice, as is Sea Cliff (but it's far away from downtown), Embarcadero is nice too (by the Ferry terminal), parts of the Marina are nice (but if you get too close to Fisherman's Wharf it gets toursity)....
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    Make sure Mitchell Brothers is on your itinerary.
    Expensive but you will not believe what goes on there!

    PS: Leave the girlfriend home, unless she is open minded.
  4. Put a flower in your head mofo. Ehmm, not expensive hotel in SF? Muahahahaha. Bring cash and credit and cash equivalents. You can bring some gold too. Hmm, what's Mitchell Brothers? Sounds like a place I should visit sometime.
  5. Just go South on 101 towards San Jose. You can find some nice hotels on the Highway for a decent price - numerous Marriott's within 30 minutes of the city (San Fran).

    As for recreation, drive up to wine country - Sonoma (not Napa). Leave early in the morning, and go North. Start with Viansa, and work your way up. Then, around mid-afternoon cut over West to the Pacific Coast Highway, and drive back to San Fran with a beautiful view of the Ocean. Note - don't get drunk at the wineries...you will understand why on the drive back.

    Have fun.
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    Mitchell Bros. O'Farrell Theater
    895 O'Farrell St.

    Don't expect to see a Shreck Matinee!
  7. first of all, never, ever, take you gf on a vacation.

    that will be the standard from now on. she will expect this from you every time.

    lets say you do get married, & divorced. she will be saying that she needs "alimony that will allow her to continue the life style that she has accustomed to". divorce happens 50% of the time in united states. just like blindly picking a stock.

    think twice about it.

    if its absolutely necessary to "go do something" have her pay for it!

    if you have went on a vacation with her before, do whatever you want with it, dump it ASAP. before its too late.

  8. wow....you guys are charmers....Mitchell Bros! lol

    If you do get up by Napa, you might want to visit my favorite winery, Silver Oak. Here is their site with directions.



    There is lots to do and places to eat in the Napa valley. Depending on what you like you might want to consider a hot air balloon ride.


    Or a visit to the Calistoga geyser.


    Or a tour of the Old Bale Grist Mill (the largest overshot water wheel west of the Mississippi built in 1846 and run by the California Parks Dept)


    There is also the old steam Wine train that runs up and down the Napa valley.
    That only scratches the surface of Napa. Where else in No. Cal are you going to tour???
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    I understand that there are [relative] bargains to be had on so-called boutique hotels in downtown SF. They're supposed to be very nice (quaint and small) and reasonably priced due to the recession. Check the Internet.
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