Going to hell in a hand basket

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  1. In times like these how are you doing as a firm. Is the margin calls coming fast and furios or do you have stops and portection in place. As we get ready to do open our own BD I was just curious. After our offering I think we should be up and running by September- October.

    Any way Don hope the health is up. To all the traders out here take your vitamins and remember that it is only a game and at 4.01 the game is over leave it at the offices.

    You will live longer...
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  2. The firm is doing fine, and many July days showed improvement of last year. Traders profits are back on the rise (a bit rough in Jan and Feb). Not too many "risky" scenerios, we call maybe 3 or 4 people a day, not bad at all.

    PM me if you like...let me know who you are and what's happening....Good Luck on the BD.

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  4. We are going down sell everything. Yesterday was just a chance to short a high price. The world is ending.
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  5. -after hours trading didn't follow through
    -europe didn't follow through
    -durable goods orders much worse than expected
    -futures down

    Odds are against an up close today.
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  6. Yesterday the market breath had some follow through. The follow through was a few large cap stocks with heavy volume on the upside. The rest of the market was a dog with fleas and ticks.
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  7. We are going for the big one I think this is the beginning of panic ready to set in. The market has changed from positive this morning in all ways to a full blown sell off starting to be led by institutional selling. This is bad it's not short selling but a beginning of a real sell off. I hope this market falls fast and hard so we can find a real bottom and get rid of the uncertainty in the market by shrinking the spread between the bid and offers. If this happens the market makers will start making markets again. Then we will have a good trading market.
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  8. Rigel


    Looks like SEC may be going after JPM.
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  9. What ever happened to innocent until proven guiltily. All it takes these days is being accused. Personally I don't care what they say or do but lately it been causing the market to act crazy and thin. It's been like two weeks since I have seen a specialist make a market. Everything is just matching orders This is the closer to gambling then speculation.
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  10. JPM has serious, heavy duty liabilities. All the big investment banks are in deep doodoo.
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