Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. ddefina


    I think the secret is found at the 33rd level. :D hahahahaha...run for your lives.
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  2. How do you get the quote thing.
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  3. Hey what is the 33rd level? Is it like a government conspiracy. Please tell I need to know.
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  4. egildone


    A friend told me the other day that the only thing that will save us is another election so we can get a dem in as pres so he can clean up this mess. I said you mean like Reagen cleaned up Jimmy Carter's mess -- ohh! wait a sec Jimmy was a dem and ron Reagen was a rep! lol

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  5. Actually, Mogadishu is presently a marvel of non-governmental capitalism.

    Yeah, sure, there are security guards with Uzi's when you line up to buy a cellphone, but it works... And it will keep on working even after the Bushies give up on Karzai and Afghanistan goes back to tribalism..

    Not to get way off topic, but there's nothing wrong with capitalism-- but we haven't had capitalism here in the US for a long time..
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  6. I'll give 10 pips for the correct etymology of the vernacular "endo" (alt. "indo") in this context (i.e., not the "endo" done with a bicycle).
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  7. 33rd level is a reference to the highest degree attainable as a member of the Freemasons..

    (it's said "33rd degree" not level).

    Google "masons conspiracy", and you'll learn more than you ever wanted to know.
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  8. What are the masons? Are they brick layer's or some thing.
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  9. rs7


    Yes, of course they are...with good strong local union shops too!:D
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  10. lol, you can never be Satan666 if you don't know about the masons or the illuminati or the trilateral commission. The truth is out there, dude. :)

    but seriously........the only conspiracy I see is the Fed causing gold to crack and the dollar to rise, and the occasional massive futures buy order at exactly the right time and the markets rebound like magic.

    Move along then, nothing to see here on this thread. Go about your business, you don't need to worry about the stock , gold, and currency markets being manipulated by a private non-governmental organization.....how could that possibly effect you ? How could it be real ?

    Then the largest bankruptcy in the history of the world is caused by Fraud.....before that we had the twin towers demolished by crazy arabs with carpet cutters.......is it me, or is this freakin weird ???????????

    We don't need conpiracy theories and aliens, we have the real deal in the newspaper every day.
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