Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. stung today
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  2. Rolling down the street, smoking endo.......

    with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
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  3. the money bees have mutated into killer bees. Call pest control before the market collapses.
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  4. That resembles the sentence only heard on a trading floor:

    "That was the most expensive piss I ever took."
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  5. LOL, I know man, it is like everyone is watching their back and waiting for the other person to make the first move. Nasdaq has been thrashing around the last few days or so and it is about ready to take out again and trend. I do not think it will be up.

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  6. I emailed you at your hotmail...hope you get it

    Mr. Hyde!
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  7. Have to wait for Everyone to get short...then whatever rally may happen. In the meantime, the volatility is great...

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  8. mrktwiz


    RE> It was written a while ago, think there was a line about finding the next Xerox.

    Funny you should mention Xerox, back in about 97-98 I worked for their XBS group that was contracted on Sun Microsystem's campus out here in the Silicon Valley. I almost got wrote up because I had "talked" to a few friends telling them NOT to buy (outside of the company stock purchase plan possibly) Xerox stock and had a "serious" talk from my manager about this. LOL, even <I> saw that this pig was in it's death throe's back then.....it had to be the singularly worst run company I have ever had the dis-pleasure to be associated with.

    Funny thing about a year after I left I received several calls from a east coast law firm representing a group of investor's that had filed a class action lawsuit. I mentioned this specific incident and my managers name to this lawyer, they actually flew out here to speak to me in person...their was a LOT more in terms of booking "fictional" sales revenue that I had to report to my mngt team, man these guys were totally cooking the books from what little I saw out here....if only I could have taken a short position back then......

    good trading all...

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  9. Give your portfolios to the trading god's. Sell sell sell before your portfolios has to do laps in a pool of fire. We are going to hell in a hand basket and you are in it, you have no control, you are going down to hell and you can do two things sell your positions, or go short to avoid it. Hope your visit with Satan is unpleasant. Sell sell sell and if you can short short short save yourself.
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  10. I should change my handle to Satan666 instead of trade555. What do you think?
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