Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Rigel


    Big bidness LOL
    That would be several orders of magnitude worse than the troubles we already have. It would be like "welcome to Mogadishu". Oh jeez! God save the Queen!
    (Oh no, I've regresssed to a colonial mentality.)
    Good thing we have the law (and that a majority of the lawmakers(congress) are still qualified), and the Constitution and the Supreme Court.
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  2. The world is ending sell sell sell. We are going to hell in a hand basket and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The bull is now a steak that is going to be tasty.
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  3. This market's going to hell in a handbasket faster than when Roosevelt was in charge.

    You can't make a buck in this market with all this cheap money sloshing around. Look at Putnam Drug. Good fundamentals. Good things sometimes take time.
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  4. I don't like trading on days when Greenspan speaks which seems to be like every third day. I wish they'd stuff a sock in him, tie him up and toss him in the basement.
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  5. The world is ending.
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  6. sipping on Gin and juice is what we are doing. The smart and the cheap investors. I see that the market is finally in the crappers officially which means one thing ---- its going up.

    If you have ever seen Seinfeld during the season where George did everything in opposite of what he would normally do the you know what I am saying here. What ever you are thinking of buying short and you'll be okay. Because nobody is buying anything.

    8000 on the Dow and 1347 on the daq here it comes.

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  7. You forgot tipping a forty for my dead homeys.
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  8. egildone


    If you sell short doesn't somebody have to buy it from you?

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  9. Magna

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    Of course.
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  10. trdrmac


    I started reading "Dance of the Money Bees" by John Train this week. There are some interesting parallels between previous market bottoms and what is going on now. It was written a while ago, think there was a line about finding the next Xerox.

    One scary thing relating to inflation is the CRB Index which has been going up all year. If this is not a leading indicator of inflation I am not sure what is.

    But what do I know, I decided I was too tired to trade today, closed out some shorts and then took what I like to refer to as the $500 nap. Not to be confused with the $75 cigarette break.

    Have a date tonight, so with any luck I'll be adding another t-shirt to my collection. :D
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