Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. ...dude, you just took internet sex to a new level...

    I am a rape victim. Now I am seeking counseling and anal reconstructive surgery. The specialist had violated my innocents I will never walk the same again. Last night I had a nightmare that he was going to rape me on the weekend, outside of market hour's.
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  2. Trade Nasdaq where you can see the REAL market, and avoid the scammers on the ASE and NYSE.

    :D :D :D :D
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  3. Thats why they call being a specialist having a license to print money....
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  4. There sure is a lot of reasons to trade the NYSE especially in the open, or maybe for short selling. Other than that I think you give to much of an advantage up in many of the lower volume issues IMHO.
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  5. Babak


    for short selling? You gotta be kidding. On the Nasdaq you can SS on an up bid, whereas on the NYSE you need an uptick. A big difference. And you're order, whether short or long, is not handled by a person who monopolizes the market day in day out...I'm told they prefer to be called 'specialist' for short.
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  6. Actually Babak, you can get an uptick <i>without</i> the bid moving up...so it's not too bad. Though that still doesn't mean you'll get a fill.
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  7. Guess you guys will keep trading the Nazdog until it hits 20... some time next week. : )

    And it's AMEX, not ASE.
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  8. Stockjobber, when the Nazzty hits 20 your Dowager will be 75 , so, don't sweat it.
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  9. The popping of this bubble ought to be known as "The revenge of the nerds," the era when geeks and bean counters made and lost billions of everyone's money.

    If you can't trust a skinny guy in polyester with horn rimmed glasses (who drives a boxster), who one earth can you trust?
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  10. That was Jim Baker. It preciptated the 1987 crash.

    The reason the market is getting all shizoid is not Bush, imo. Its the congress. Can you imagine? The people that run the post office and amtrak and medcare and the district of columbia want to straighten out big bidness and make em pay. These guys are falling over themselves to see who can put the screws to business. There was one vote in the senate that was 97-0.
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