Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. now we see if we get another afternoon rally on a down day with bad fundamental news.
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    Anybody see Law & Order last night? :)

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  3. trdrmac


    This reminds me a lot of late last year, where everything said break break, and they kept snapping um up. But sooner or later they will tire, and we can start all over again.
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  4. ok God #9, you've been proved wrong, 870 has been broken.

    Are you off in a cave doing drugs like you accused us of doing ?
    #124     Aug 2, 2002
  5. This is it we have been to hell and are going back up. The bear is dead and I say this is a new bull market. I see real buying and stocks are starting to get hot again. Soon the market will be hotter than a whore on dollar day. It's time to start position trading and it will be a tide that will raise all the boat's.
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  6. God#9

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    Not that it really matters, BUT after I posted that the market did rally about a 100 pts, AND if you used 870 as a pivot you might have actually made some money for a change.
    In hindsight where has this big bear been since, I haven't seen any lower lows worth mentioning. oooh scary bear, nice to see all your puts were worthless again come expiry.

    Sure long term, but in the short term the risks were to the upside, just look at a chart and see what happened, you dickhead.
    If you trade you know that fundamentals don't rule the market, and if you knew anything about fundamentals/market physke you'd realize, what a nice contrarian indicator dickheads like yourself make.

    Long term they might be screwed, but it won't be worth shorting until retards like you want to buy it. Just let me know.
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  7. Read my post the bull is back NOT THE TITLE OF THE THREAD. I started this thread back in the day and am now only trading from the long side.
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