Going to hell in a hand basket

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    to daniel m,

    one of my professors in law school wrote books on the subject you are talking about. I suggest you read up. I was forced to. When the founding fathers were concerned about the freedom from state religion, they were concerned that Virginia was going to establish itself as a state supporting a particular branch of christianity. I believe it baptist or a church from England. They did not want that state or any state to endorse a particular christian church but many if not most of the founding fathers were attempting to establish a nation with the ideals embodied by judeo christian religions.

    I know Locke and Jefferson were instrumental and that that Locke character argued both sides of the coin. But where did the concept of inalienable rights come from? Who vested people with inalienable rights and where does natural law come from, Primordial soup? Why did states have to respect these rights. Out of which traditions did the core of our nation come. Let us not deny the obvious and rewrite history.
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  2. Back to the subject of the markets ........

    Does anybody else think this upswing is about over ?
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    I am on the other side. It seems to me that we could get a decent rally for ????. Not saying that this is the bottom, or the start of a new bull. However, people are showing a lot of disbelief, lot of public shorts, earnings not bad, plus the climatic events like Adelphia, WCON, and Martha Sellert have shaken a lot of people out.

    That said, I have been taking sidedishes off the table today. The main course is still there, but no sense being a piggy piggy.
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  4. This rally will probably hold for a few more days. But if you look at the volume when the market went down it was heavy and when it went up it is much lighter. The trend in the market seem's like it is still down and this is just a oversold bounce. One of the best sources of info on the market trend is to listen when CNBC speaks to the specialists and head of trading people. They are usually right on the money. Today the volume is a little on the light side so I wouldn't be suprized if we lost half the Dow's gain's in the last hour of trading.
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  5. that's enough of a rally for now.
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    Its not an upswing, Its a bull market. How far is it going to have to rally before you numskulls get it through your thick heads.


    DOW 7600, SP 770 is ancient history.

    Get over it.
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    Any more green and Im gonna need a machete just to get to my hot keys.
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  8. It's not a rally, it's a dip trip short!
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  9. "Bull Market"

    That's a good one.:D
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