Going to hell in a hand basket

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Is it me or is the market starting to have a panic sell off coming it's way. I have been trading today and all I see is huge spread with no follow through. I belive there are some big orders being worked and we are going to go to hell in a hand basket. Any other opion's?
  2. this has been going on every afternoon this week before the close.

    everyone's scared (maybe they're scared of W doing something really REALLY stupid...:D ) so they're getting flat before the close.
  3. Every specialist I see that makes a market the last week has been paying for it with losses I had my first loosing day in four week's and am not able to make back my money today. The spread's are out of control and buyer's and seller's are just getting matched. There is no real order flow to trade off, even cleanup prints don't work to day. This is chaos and will only end if we capitulate.
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    You complain too much.
    When I was your age we only had one winning trade for every fifty, and win was smaller than the average loss.
    And we liked it!:mad:
  5. allright. let's get this over with. On three, everyone capitulate.

    555 talk to me about 'clean-up prints.' thx
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    We might as well just go on strike untill capitulation. Then there will be no support for market whatsoever.
  7. George Soros a few weeks ago called it the Bush effect. Smart Guy, when I heard that I knew we were in deep @#!@.
    Bush is looking internationally like he's either incompetent or varying degrees of corrupt.
    Good Political Website if your interested. A couple Bush-economy threads.
  8. Yes I always commit my capital based on the calls smirkingchimp makes.
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    One thing I did hear Bush say at a news conference recently was that he would not support the dollar even though it was falling. I was sort of shocked.
    Didn't Baker or Meese say that in the seventies and cause a recession? I think at the time it was considered the biggest economic blunder in decades.
  10. Wow I think that the last few days have been great trading. This week has been one of my better weeks all year. I am a scalper and i love it when there are wild swings. Anyone else doing real well this past week?
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