Going to Chicago - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by cornholetrading, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. I am going to Chicago next week for a week of interviews with trading firms. Since I have never been to Chicago I would like some suggestions of things to do or places to see while I am there so that I can get the best feel of the city to give me a better idea about making the decision to move there or not. I will be taking the woman so I would like something that might impress her to get her excited about the city. I am staying in downtown Chicago so getting around should not be a problem. I will also be there over a weekend so should have some time to check things out.

    Also if anyone has suggestions of other firms to contact out there for futures trading besides the ones that are easily found through internet searches etc. I know there are a lot of trading firms out there that are either hard to find, no internet presense, and have no easily found contact info. I am mainly looking for futures trading firms and plan to do some knocking on doors during the week between my interviews.
  2. when you are in Chicago, check out The Martini Bar. Right behind the CBOT and immediately east of the CBOE, on Van Buren Street there is a newsstand right on the corner. The Martini Bar is kind of hidden across the street and immediately to the south. Nice place. One of the bartenders, a beautiful young lady with black hair, makes a most excellent martini.

    Who will you be interviewing with?
  3. Hmm, if I were back in town I'd suggest we get together. I'd be very happy to show you the local haunts and hidden gems of the fair city. There's a thread here at Elite under "Hook Up" regarding Chicago. Reference my screen name when you post there as one who suggested you do so. Ask all the questions you need, they are a friendly bunch. I return to town on the 7th. If you're still there, maybe we can hook up. Hope this helps. :D
  4. Thanks for the tip however I don't think I will mention the woman bartender to my girlfriend. :D
  5. I will check out the other thread. Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I will be coming back from Chicago on the 30th (hopefully with some trading offers) so I will not be in town when you get back.
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