Going to Bright in LV this summer?

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  1. Hi all...

    If you are going to Bright Trading In Las Vegas this summer for their course and live reasonably close (like within a state or so) to southern Michigan, we should probably talk. I'm going to drive out there this summer and will have room for a passenger, with whom I'll share expenses.

    I really don't have a timetable...just want to do it before summer is over so if you've got (or are going to get) a reservation for a particular date, I'm okay with that...

    Just drop an email or PM my way if you are interested.

    Airspeed (jim)
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  2. I am thinking of going and put a post in under trading to get input on the course.

    While I expect to fly out there, it may be nice to have someone to compare notes with and to help get the most out of the program.

    Just some random thoughts around midnight:)
  3. I'll be happy to help...what do you want to know?

  4. Anything and everything I guess:)

    Mostly I want to know if I DON'T join bright will I feel that I received more than a recruitment speech??

    Will I gain enough to payback the cost of hotel and Jet ticket as well??

    I know that someone else not knowing about me can't truly answer these questions but one more input is always better!!

    Thanks in advance:D
  5. Let me address the recruitment issue first.

    Bright Trading spends much more class time discussing *professional trading* as opposed to *Bright* professional trading. IOW, you'll have a pretty complete picture that shows you what trading professionally is all about, not only at Bright but also for professional traders in general.

    At the end of the week, you'll go home with tools that you can use to improve your bottom line. If you're worried about that, don't. However, you'll also understand that you may be fighting a battle for which you don't have all the weapons available (to the pro).

    Are the expenses incurred worth it? They were to me. And, in fact, I'm going to take advantage of the invitation Bright extends to all their students to take their course again...at no charge. BTW, after running some numbers last night, I found that flying out to Las Vegas is less expensive for me than driving out when I take into consideration discounted air fares, and the food, lodging and gasoline involved in driving out. There goes the road trip idea. :(

    If you're willing to put in a little time doing a search here at ET, you will probably find answers to most of your questions. You might also visit Bright's web site for the specifics of what they're teaching today. I understand that their curriculum is constantly evolving in order to meet the challenges facing traders *today*. All of the instructors make a big deal out of this as they believe that what was working last year may not be working today. Traders have to adapt to changing markets and the trading environment in general. What I learned nearly a year ago isn't necessarily what they're teaching now.

    Bright isn't the only school that teaches trading; they may not be the best, for all I know. But, for me, they were certainly worth the time and money I put out to take the course. If that were not the case, I wouldn't be going back for the refresher this summer.

    Best regards,

  6. $20.00 on Hard 8 3rd roll after you get to the table...payback time
    "Will I gain enough to payback the cost of hotel and Jet ticket as well?? "
  7. Sellinrich,

    NEVER EVER play the field( Its like placing market orders with ETrade) . ALWAYS bet the don't pass and take the odds!! ( Its like shorting at the high of the day)

    As far as paying for the hotel and trip, WHY NOT ask these questions?? AND what better place to ask??

    I like to do my research BEFORE placing my bets!!

    Oh before I forget, Luxor does have a fun poker tourney at noon most days.( At least they did last time I was in town)
  8. this would be the place I would look too:cool:
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  9. I think the idea of sharing thoughts and costs etc. is a great one. If anyone else wants to follow up on this, feel free to call me and let me know....I will mark our student roster with an "ok" to allow the sharing of phone numbers...just to help out.

    We encourage everyone in the classes to meet together, share notes, and we do our best to give 110% to our students.

    While there will be reference to BT, we also try to give students a good, in depth view of the whole industry....and since we know that only about half of the students will join the firm, we have no "hidden" agenda...it's wide open. We want to add traders from the group....a group that is well informed.

  10. stevieoh


    A few months back I wanted to join your team in the Detroit area but was told that I would first need to take the series 7 exam and that Bright trading would be my sponsor.

    Tried as I did, I could never get a clear answer to these questions from your Detroit office so perhaps in this forum you could answer for me as I am still interested in joining.

    How much does it cost me to take this exam and how much are the study materials?

    Once I received the series 7 study materials, *on average*, how long would it take before I could actually start trading with your firm?

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