going to 1077 on the s&p500

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  1. going to 1077 on the s&p500
  2. I think we are looking at a major breakout, followed by about a 50% retracement during the summer.
  3. Well major would be an understatement if it did that.
  4. yes, major.
  5. there's NO chance in hell that the S&P rises to that.

    NO chance.
  6. So your saying that the S+P is going to rise over 120 points in a few weeks? And then retrace to 538.5 by the end of summertime? oh boy......pass that thing over here Bro....I need a puff of what your smoking
  7. no I didn't say that.

    I said 50% RETRACEMENT, not 50% drop in value.
  8. OK, then what is 50% retracement from 1077?
  9. I figure this bull move started mid-march. So the bull run is from that point to 1077. Then it will retrace roughly 50% of that move.
  10. range


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