Going short QQQ

Discussion in 'Trading' started by heilbronner, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. @ 35.53. My crystal ball says that we are going lower, at least temporary. Apart, my big balls say the same. So the two most important indicators give a clear signal. :cool:
  2. He Alex, your account is full so I couldn't reply. But thats what I'm doing.
  3. Oh, forgot to mention, this is an overnight position.
  4. Cover half of my position with a profit @35.35.
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    My box is clean. Please send me a PM.
  6. well that was a great call , I almost got long ES yesterday night, I was long NQ from the day before sold and was looking for continuation or retest of yesterday highs, wouldn't have been short... what was your reasoning for selling?
  7. Covered the rest 35.27.
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    As usual you are right on money! Congrats!

  9. La bonne chance.
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    You cover for 18 cents and call that a market call?
    #10     Mar 19, 2004