going short increse price going long decrease price

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by xoiper, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. xoiper


    when i usually open long trade on any pair
    the price go down just after the position opening
    the inverse happen when i go short
    i cant understand
    i thought when all traders(the majority) go long then the price will be in their side and go up
    that is right or not?
  2. xoiper


    i need reply
    am i right or wrong
    somebody who know
  3. Hard to explain when I cannot understand what it is you're asking.

    If, theorhetically, all parties in the market went long, I believe yes, the price would go up. But just because you go long doesn't mean everyone else is.

    How can you possibly know what everyone else is doing?

    How can I be tricked into responding to this?
  4. yongda


    Do you mean everyone can be a billionaire ?
  5. I think you're trying to find someone who will tell you that the market is being manipulated to take your money right after you take a trade. But in reality, your timing is probably very bad, plain and simple.
  6. he's asking why everytime he goes long, the stock drops. Everytime he goes short, the stock moves up.

    The answer: jesus doesnt love you.

    Ok maybe not....but probably you are doing market order trying to scalp or something. What is your time horizon? and what type of trading do you do.
  7. I've always wondered about FX and the volume of the bid and ask.
    Remember Roseanne Barr?
    She once said she had anorexia dyslexia, her friends told her she was fat enough, but she didn't think so.
    Are you sure the set ups you see are telling you the right way to go, or do you get caught up in the emotion and see the trade go one way, when your set up is telling you the opposite?
    When Bracket Trader and Autotrader were being developed, some posters to the board were asking for opposite buttons, because of the very action you are observing.