Going Over the Cliff: how to trade a crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vol fly, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. vol fly

    vol fly

    I am asking how to trade a crash in forex if congress goes over the fiscal cliff.

    I am speculating, however I think that we will go over the fiscal cliff.

    Any discussion welcome.
  2. cliff or no cliff really doesnt matter... it's the debt ceiling bs all over again... i have been going into cash on the rips simply for profit taking going into the new year. i will reevaluate strategies for 2013 after the new year. my gut says hard assets are the way to go and leave the equity markets alone for the next year but my heart and addictive side wont listen.
  3. Bob111


    f* cliff is every year..multiple times every year(debt ceiling and s**t,budget etc) in fact..they are talking about very same s** at the end of 2011..