Going on road trip.. need reliable portable 3G/4G

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  1. Which national provider has the best internet coverage along the US Interstate highways so i can trade while my friends are driving the car from california to new york.

    Verizon? At&t? Sprint? t-Mobile?

    Can i realistically expect to have the coverage to trade while driving on say i80 in nevada or i-70 in colorado?
  2. AT&T-- no doubt. I drove from NYC to LA, To Miami then back to NYC.

    Writing, publishing and trading the entire way with a jail broke iPhone hot spot on an unlimited data plan-- hooked up for 12 plus hours per day-- never an issue with connection or speed. Good luck!
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    Was this 3G or 4G? I've got 3G and thinks its kinda pokey, especially for trading.
  4. Verizon is the way to go! Actually I don't know about that area, but everyone I know (in multiple states) that has AT&T does not like it very much due to reliability. But that could have changed
  5. 4g lte, but it would change depending on area--- I have heard tmobile and sprint are really bad, not sure about Verizon.
  6. Are you afraid of flying?
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    I have done SF to NYC, just don't do it with t-mobile or MetroPCS. I had t-mobile and even though it has roaming with AT&T when we were out of large metropolitan areas there was hardly any reception at all. Given what I know now, I'd say go with Verizon.
    Kevin Schmit, road trips are fun; you get to see the side of the country you can't see from the window of a plane.
  8. I enjoy driving. Agree 100% with you dealmaker, planning a trans European road trip next.

  9. Swing trading - Yes

    Day Trading - Dangerous

    Scalping - ROFLMAO
  10. lmao I can see it now, riding down the road in a trade like oh this isnt so bad... a position turns against him and then the signal cuts out......you will be screaming at the driver BACK UP GET TO THE SIGNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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