Going Off Shore

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  1. Let's say I, an American citizen living in the U.S., want to run managed accounts or even pool funds. But I don't want to deal with any of the U.S. or state regulations. Can I simply set up a fund off-shore, solicit non-U.S citizens and be in business without running afoul of any U.S. laws or IRS regs?
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    I believe so. But if you solicit European citizens then you may be subject to EU regulations.
    Also, IRS doesn’t have any related regulations, you just need to report foreign accounts and income.
  3. Anyone know what the best place is for a US citizen / resident to set up an only off-shore account with IB?
  4. Road Town BVI is something I considered. It requires a separate off shore feeder set up. I was thinking of waiting till I have $25mm AUM before going off shore. I have same questions about off shore set up. I have investors in Switzerland and for the sake of simplicity and speed would need the money to get to me domestic. Is there a low cost fast way to take in Swiss money when I am operating domestically?
  5. what about asking the broker? If you find out, will you let me know.
  6. Dear @Ironplates,

    NO SWISS MONEY WILL EVER, EVER, park their money while you are operating domestically in the US.

    They basically invented offshore banking :)

    One day, you will have a website like your mentor, Timothy Morge!


    And manage Royalty's wealth!!!